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I was going trough deviantart just out of boredom looking at people adoption they were selling.. 
so well.. actually the character was pretty common in my opinion and 2 people started bidding on it and someone payed the person freaking 1500$

tell me.. did people lost their mind? why would people fucking give so much money for such a simple adoption?! JUST BECAUSE THE ARTIST IS POPULAR AND WELL KNOWN?

and if i'll go now and draw something more pretty then this well drawn! what will I get? 5$?! MAYBE LESS? BUT FUCKING 1500$ FOR A BURNING DOG!?
with no graphic or epic ref nothing?!

my god.. I am working 2 years in real life just to collect at least 2000 dollars that always ending because of the help of my mom and my personal stuff that I need!

I don't know what to say.. this is not out of jealousy this is out of people stupidity I made this journal. <_< I really wonder if my character would be EVER worth so much money and they would be well drawn if i'll give my soul over them.

not just that. I WOULD NEVER ADOPT ANYTHING! just because you know why? what's the point of adopting something? while YOU DIDN'T CREATE IT YOURSELF!


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I know your dirty little secret
Hello friends and watchers.

My Name is Anastasiya.. I came to live in Israel from Ukrain. so I know 3 languages.

Russian, Hebrew and some English

Hm..what can I say about myself? I am a huge sonadow/Sonic fan.
I'm also a gamer and play video games from age of 7
I love talking with people and try to help them out by talking about their problems.. also i'm kinda weird and funny person (;
I love to role play but I do it mostly with my best friend :iconksenialoveu: because we know each other for 12 years.. we know each others taste and feel comfortable with each other.
thanks to her I became a huge Sonic fan and Sonic artist.
before that I drew only cats..

I would like to share more things about myself if you want to talk just ask (;

Ksenia+Nastya-nothing to do here. photo dsfsdfdsfsf_zpsdae6a981.jpg

Me and :iconksenialoveu: lmao xD

zane commission by zeldaprincessgirl100 d7ee50d

36214deb498ee0cf0c1b886b0d3575c7 d7ej478
хостинг фотографий


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